Cra-phics : Craft + Graphic Design: Combining handmade crafts with traditional graphic design to making the best use of your resources to create your vision.

Offline - “99.9% Human made" correspondence and brand kits. 

Online – we give a "Human nature" to your cyber existence

Photography "IN" Branding:  OWN YOUR  CONTENT! 

We build your personalized database of stock content by creating unique imagery for you. Use it WHEN you like, WHERE you like, and HOW you like. 


We advise and build the best strategy for your project and ensure that you are fully protected by any contractual agreement that you may be considering to enter into.

Why choose Alpha Centauri?

  • We offer personalized tailor-made brand-kits for your exclusive clientele. 
  • We are sustainable. We revive and repurpose forgotten items.  
  •  We create everything for your visual identity and you own it all. 
  •  We nurture independent artisans and craftspeople. We collaborate with a network of international artists.
  • We are cost-effective and a passionate team that believes in providing quality service at affordable price.
  • We value transparency