Alpha Centauri is an agency that connects international resources, represents and develops talents and independent/small business

We listen and empathize to understand your goals, values, and mission. To shape, build and develop a solid strategy along with visual and conceptual plan to reach the first step to your success.

Unique, tailor-made and exclusive service, we work in transparency and direct approach. 

We support independent artists, artisans and professionals,  carefully chosen to develope together, through creative brainstorming the most fitting identity and strategy of your business. 

Why Alpha Centauri? Quality, uniqueness, efficiency 

Alpha Centauri believes the essence of success is  nurturing long-lasting relationships between your brand, your audience, and potential partners. We connect directly and emotionally in order to  integrating your brand, product, values as part of a “lifestyle” and carried on through future generations.

We keep it original, 

We work with care, 

We are passionate, 

To make the difference and be distinguished, 

we oughta be different - we go "past the future"

Packaging and Product development - hand-made, tailor-made,  limited, collectables.

By working with us in addition to building  your unique brand identity you will also be supporting independent artists and artisans. 

Thank you for visiting, 

Georgea Costa Netto

Founder & Director